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For Families


We realize that as your child's departure nears, you probably have a number of questions regarding the study-abroad experience. We would like to assure you that the safety of your son or daughter is our first priority. We have reviewed the emergency procedures of all our study abroad programs and are confident that everything is being done to ensure our students' safety. Our office is regularly updated by the State Department, and we will make immediate contact with all students in the event of any sort of emergency. If an emergency situation happens at home, please contact me immediately. If there is a situation with your child, we will work with you and the program to provide the appropriate assistance. It is advisable to make sure that your own passports are valid at this time.

We also encourage students to think about how to connect their studies abroad with their overall academic program.By the time they leave for their program abroad, they will have discussed issues relating to transfer credits and course approvals with their major advisors, and they should have a good sense of what kinds of choices to make when they register for specific courses in their program. You should also know that our offices maintain an email list serve of all students studying abroad in order to keep them updated on Columbia events and to communicate vital information on matters such as registration for the semester following the study-abroad period.

We are committed to providing all of our study abroad students with the support resources they will need throughout their stay, and we will try to ensure that your child has a rewarding and enriching experience abroad.