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Photo Contest

Annual Study Abroad Photo Contest

Please see below for the winners of the 2016 Study Abroad Photo Contest. Thank you to all the students, staff, and faculty who voted at the Annual Study Abroad Fair and on Facebook! Details for the 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest will be announced in Spring 2017 and entries will be due in early Fall 2017. 


Defining: Photographs that define your study abroad experience for you

Category Winner & Grand Prize Winner
Pride Against Fear
Nice, France

"Taken just a week after the terror attack in Nice, this photo and the liveliness in the streets reminds us how resilient hope and unity can be in the face of violence." - Sarah Chiang, SEAS 2018, Summer French Studies Program in Paris at Reid Hall, Paris, France


Crossing cultures:Photographs that illustrate cross-cultural interactions schwarzchild fall 2016 contest

Category Winner
Rock and Roll on the River Tiber
Rome, Italy

"While traveling in Europe during my time abroad one repeating theme was finding American culture creeping into the daily lives of the locals. Of course Music is an international language, but there is something comforting about hearing Jimmy Hendrix tunes amidst never ending foreign languages. I traveled to Rome with my roommate and while neither of us spoke any Italian, we both stopped and listened to unmistakably American rock songs while walking over the River Tiber in Rome." -Avi Schwarzchild, SEAS 2017, University College London, London, UK

walton 2016 contest
Of me not by me: Photographs of you in your study abroad experience, but not taken by you

Category Winner
Taking the Cape Out of Cape Town
Swakopmund, Namibia

- Manny Walton, CC 2017, CIEE South Africa: University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa


batuure fall 2016 contest

Street photography:Photographs that capture street life in your host country

Category Winner:
Switzerland Sunrise 
Interlaken, Switzerland 

- Angela Batuure, CC 2017, University College London, London, UK


sampson 2016 contestFreestyle: For photographs you love that simply don’t fit the any other categories 

Category Winner 
London, UK

- Kyra Sampson, CC 2017, Consortium For Advanced Studies in Barcelona (CASB), Barcelona, Spain