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Study Abroad Finances

Though cost is an important factor, financial considerations should never deter anyone from having the unique experience of spending a semester abroad! The majority of students who study abroad receive some form of financial aid. Columbia aid for CC and SEAS students will transfer to any Columbia approved program during the fall or spring semester.  Students should start the financial discussion early with the Office of Global Programs, Financial Aid, and their families to understand the budget of the program of their choice.

When meeting with your family or financial aid advisor, remember that tuition for CC and SEAS students remains the same while abroad. The costs of the study abroad experience will vary due to housing choices, personal lifestyle, travel expeditures, and the current exchange rate.  Depending on where you would like to study, a semester abroad can cost about the same as a semester here on campus, slightly more, or sometimes less.  All students should work closely with the OGP, their financial aid advisor (if applicable), the study abroad program and their families to determine the best plan for their personal financial situation.
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