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Studying in a foreign country represents a significant enhancement to your Columbia education. Study abroad expands the walls of the institution and offers you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the larger global community of which we all take part. Students engaged in international study discover insights into other cultures, develop new perspectives, and learn to reflect on how their own culture has shaped their understanding of the world. 

Integrating international study as part of your undergraduate experience takes forethought, research, and planning. This site is designed to guide you through the steps in the process. The Office of Global Programs, along with your school and departmental advisors, are ready to help you as you undertake this next step in your education. It is time to embark on what will become one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime! Get Started!

Are you a student from another university or Columbia graduate student who is interested in studying abroad with one of Columbia's programs?  Please browse Columbia's programs using the Quick Link box to the right.

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