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Choosing a Fall or Spring program
Choosing a Summer program
Columbia Summer Programs
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Summer Ecosystem Experience (SEE-U)

Summer Programs

Summer study abroad can be a wonderful complement to and preparation for a semester abroad.   If you wish to study abroad in the summer and receive credit, there are two possible paths you can follow: You can study on a Columbia Program, including the Summer Ecosystem Experiences, in which you will receive both grades and credits, or a non-Columbia summer program. 

The side bar on the left includes links to the above Columbia-run programs, as well as the pre-approved summer programs by region. The list is NOT exhaustive; there are many other summer study abroad programs that may be right for you. The summer is a wonderful time to explore new interests, to gain language proficiency, and to immerse yourself in another culture. Because there are so many study abroad programs offered by a wide variety of organizations and institutions, we do not have an exhaustive summer study abroad list.  If you are interested in finding a summer study abroad programs, here are a few tips for finding appropriate programs.
  • Eligibility:  Summer study abroad eligibility is very different from the academic year though students should still have at least a 3.0.  General Studies students should meet with the appropriate GS advisor to ensure eligibility. Columbia Engineering students should meet with Dean Leora Brovman. Columbia College students should meet with Sara Ede in the Office of Global Programs.
  • Transfer credit: Make sure you understand what kinds of courses can transfer from abroad for the summer.  Please see the transfer credits notes below for the rules that apply to your specific undergraduate college.  All programs MUST be approved by the OGP.
  • Finding a program: Columbia works with a wide variety of organizations that provide quality study abroad programming. When beginning your search for summer programs, you should start with the following organizations:
  • If you cannot find the appropriate program for you at one of those institutions, you can search more broadly through the Institute of International Education.
  • Review Student Evaluations to find appropriate programs in the region of your interest. 
         Petition Process: Once you have identified a few programs of interest, meet with Sara Ede to discuss the petition process.  The petition process entails a review of your proposed program and study plan, program administration, safety and security, and student support.  Petitions are due NO LATER than April 1st.

Summer Transfer Credits Notes

For language courses:

  • CC/GS: Credits at the elementary and intermediate levels are awarded after the students take a placement exam to determine his/her progress in the language. Advanced foreign language courses are accepted for academic credit upon review by the appropriate language department.
  • SEAS: Students must receive approval from their CSA advisor (forms available within online application).
For major/concentration courses in a foreign language: The course must receive departmental approval to satisfy major or concentration requirements prior to studying abroad.

For technical courses (SEAS): The course will need to be approved by the equivalent course instructor at Columbia and the relevant departmental advisor (forms available within online application).

Courses in English: Limited exceptions can be made for awarding credits for summer courses taught in English.
  • CC/GS: Credit can be granted provided that the course offers a unique experience in situ (such as an archaeological excavation). The program MUST be approved by the OGP. Departmental approval is required and the course must satisfy major or concentration requirements.
  • SEAS: The course will need to be approved by the equivalent course instructor at Columbia and the relevant departmental advisor (forms available within online application).
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